Muddy Stilettos Review

Muddy Stilettos dropped into school to meet with Miss Handford, our new Head. here are a few highlights of their new, updated review of KC Senior School.

"Katrina Handford took over the headship at Kent College Pembury in January 2022, making her move from Nottingham Girls’ High School. She’s young and kind – totally approachable too – keen to operate an open door policy for the girls as much as the parents. She’s also very down-to-earth, with not a jot of old school pomp or grandeur about her (which makes her a pretty good role model for the modern woman)."

"Confidence’ is a word that gets mentioned a lot – this school teaches girls to be open-minded and believe they can do anything, but that they should be thoughtful of others too. There’s a big, but subtle, sense of being appreciative of their own privilege – perhaps something that’s rarer than it should be at independent schools."

"If you want to bring out your child’s academic potential without an exam factory environment (or you don’t believe in tutoring them to within an inch of their lives) then you’ll love the Value Added here. Obviously perfect for anyone that thrives on performance and creative arts – although the variety of extra-curricular opportunities means it would be almost impossible not to find something to enjoy. Sports is really strong here too, but being sporty or competitive is by no means a prerequisite. The school doesn’t produce a ‘type’ – girls are still very free to be who they want to be."

You can read their updated review of KC Senior School here.