We have a Kent College tradition. In their first year with us pupils are represented by trees planted in the idyllic woodlands surrounding their new school. As they put down roots of friendship, knowledge and understanding, and grow in resilience, strength and the art of living, so their tree matures too. Stand in our forest and look up to see the crown shyness – that remarkable and beautiful pattern made from branches of individual trees reaching out to each other, but leaving space through which the sky can pour. Watch Kent College pupils together and you’ll see something similar, remarkable individuals reaching out to others and making moments through which the future can pour.



Welcome to Kent College, an independent day and boarding school for children from 3 years to 18. Our school is full of imaginative, wonderful and exciting young people who will shape the future and the world around them. Every pupil is treated as an individual and valued for their own unique strengths, talents and ambitions, and we celebrate their hard work, purpose and success. Please get in touch and visit us to find out more.

Ms Julie Lodrick, Headmistress

Life at Kent College


Every pupil learns in a different way and our programmes are designed to offer support, resources and opportunities that are right for each individual.

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Kent College pupils experience community strength, non-judgmental understanding, support structures and respect. They become a force for good.

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A love of movement and sporting competition is carried by Kent College students into the future. There is a sport for everyone and a wellbeing programme central to our ethos.

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Confidence in creativity, rigour and discipline in practice and a comfort with risks comes from our broad creative arts offer taught by leading practitioners in their field.

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KC students have access to a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities to broaden their horizons, nurture their interests and capture their imaginations.

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A diverse boarding community is made up of girls from all over the world. We offer full, weekly and flexi boarding in a happy and safe environment.

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We are located in a beautiful 75 acre estate in the heart of the Kent countryside. Nursery, Prep, Senior and Sixth share an abundance of first class facilities.

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This is us

Kent College is full of imaginative, wonderful and exciting young people. Follow us on social media to see what they get up to.

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