This is senior

This school is us. KC girls becoming the people we choose to become. It’s where we reflect on change. Personal and global. It’s where we make mistakes. Get scared, get brave. Give up and then begin again. Where everyday’s a school day for our teachers as they learn from our imagination, ideas and understanding. Where we try out new roles. Act with kindness, care and consideration. Where we show that a school is a meeting of minds, not a static institution. Where we follow traditions not as dusty rigidities, but as moments we breathe life into. This school is us because, soon, very soon, the world will be us.

Our Approach

We are a school that ensures every pupil succeeds above and beyond their potential, as shown by our outstanding value-added results which place us as one of the top schools in the country. Academically, creatively, in Music, Drama and Sport, we will nurture, support and encourage them to thrive. Our flexible and personalised offer allows every pupil to follow their own path in life and excel.

Academic Success

Our academic success speaks for itself, and in 2023 over 50% of grades were level 7 and above, and 35% of grades were the very top levels of 8 and 9. 40% of pupils achieved level 7 and above in all their GCSEs and one in ten pupils achieved straight 8s and 9s.

These top grades were awarded in a breadth of subjects with over 20% of grades at level 9 in English, Food Technology, Geography, History, Music, PE and Spanish. Over 50% of grades were level 7 and above in additional subjects including Art, Dance, French, German, Latin, Textiles and Further Maths.

Many pupils received results above their national predicted grades with 50% of pupils achieving on average one grade higher in all subjects and a quarter of pupils achieving two grades higher. This places us in the top 7% of schools in the UK for value added and one of the very top schools for valued added in English, Geography, History, PE and Food Technology.

Life at KC Senior


We are located in a beautiful 75 acre estate in the heart of the Kent countryside. Nursery, Prep, Senior and Sixth share an abundance of first class facilities.

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Every pupil learns in a different way and our programmes are designed to offer support, resources and opportunities that are right for each individual.

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Kent College pupils experience community strength, non-judgmental understanding, support structures and respect. They become a force for good.

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A love of movement and sporting competition is carried by Kent College students into the future. There is a sport for everyone and a wellbeing programme central to our ethos.

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Confidence in creativity, rigour and discipline in practice and a comfort with risks comes from our broad creative arts offer taught by leading practitioners in their field.

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KC students have access to a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities to broaden their horizons, nurture their interests and capture their imaginations.

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A diverse boarding community is made up of girls from all over the world. We offer full, weekly and flexi boarding in a happy and safe environment.

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This is Us

Kent College is full of imaginative, wonderful and exciting young people. See what they get up to.

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