Sixth Form Life

In the Sixth Form we provide a supportive community to broaden horizons, gain expertise and prepare students or their bright futures. Sixth Form students have privileges which reflect their growing sense of responsibility and role within the school, as well as having their own space to study and unwind.

Tilley House is the Sixth Form Centre with a large, comfortable common room and a constant supply of tea, coffee, toast and biscuits. The Heads of Tilley (two Upper Sixth students) manage the ordering of supplies and all Sixth Form students are expected to help with the running of Tilley. There are personal study rooms for quiet study.

The Head of Sixth Form, Head of Careers and other Sixth Form teaching staff are based in Tilley, and are on hand to support for our Sixth Form students.

Sixth Form Privileges

Dress Code - Sixth Form students wear smart, business wear to school.

Home Exeat - Lower Sixth can spend one afternoon a week and Upper Sixth two afternoons a week working at home if they have no lessons, with parental permission.

Lunch Exeat - Upper Sixth with cars are allowed to go off-site at lunchtimes, with parental permission.

Early Lunch - Sixth Form students can go to the Dining Hall before the rest of the Senior School.

Café - Sixth Form students are able to use The Grove Café, located in the library, from 9.30am-11.00am if they have free lessons.

Driving - Students can have driving lessons during the last two periods of the day if they are free. Upper Sixth are permitted to drive to school and this is extended to Lower Sixth provided that there is space to park on-site.

sixth form handbook

School Officers and Prefects

There are many leadership opportunities for our Sixth Form students and we are keen for them to show both responsibility and creativity as they adopt new roles within the school.

In the Lower Sixth, students are encouraged to take on responsibility in the form of duties around the school, as well as helping out in academic departments and in the Prep School.

As they move into the Upper Sixth, students can apply to be a Senior Officer and there are a wide variety of roles including Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Wellbeing Officer, House Captain and Head of Diversity and Equality. We encourage students to become Subject Prefects to work to promote their chosen subject within the school.