At KC Prep, we believe that happy children learn best and that great pastoral care underpins everything we do. In our close-knit community, each child is valued and understood and their happiness and wellbeing is at the core of school life. Strong relationships between teachers and pupils, and teachers and parents, ensure we have the right information to support each child. Our PSHE programme, Jigsaw, complements our approach to nurturing and to developing the emotional intelligence and life skills essential in preparing our pupils for the modern world.

A buddy system, House system, wellbeing monitors and school counsellor all play a part in the support structure at Kent College Prep and we delight in taking every opportunity to celebrate our children’s successes in their many and varied forms.

Pupils exhibit a sense of personal responsibility for their actions and display positive behaviour towards others, such as empathy, kindness and respect.

Pupils put in to practice the Wesleyan philosophy of the school and are proud to do all the good that they can. 

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We instill values such as perseverance, resilience, empathy and kindness in our pupils, all of which give children the building blocks to become great citizens as they grow. These principles are embedded in our curriculum and fostered through extra-curricular activities, community support and fundraising for our chosen charities.

'Do all the good you can’ – the opening of a prayer by our Methodist founder John Wesley – resonates with us, and permeates through all aspects of Prep life; it underpins assembly themes, is championed in the many and various local and national activities our pupils support.


Prep Buddies

Our Buddy System pairs up year groups to build supportive and warm connections over the years. Year 3 are the first year group to be partnered with a younger class group which gives them the opportunity to be shining examples to our youngest pupils. In Buddy sessions the children read, play and work collaboratively.

Prep Worries

Each classroom in the Prep school has a ‘Worry and Suggestions’ box should a pupil be unwilling to share a concern directly with staff. Years 5 and 6 use a digital worry box.

Sensory Circuits

We offer sensory circuits three times weekly in the Prep School for a selected group of children and this prepares pupils for the day ahead as they follow a set pattern of ‘exercises’ supporting focus and learning arousal.