At Kent College we believe in the power of community to inspire, empower, and transform lives. By developing strong connections within our local community we prepare students to become compassionate, engaged, and responsible leaders who are equipped to make a meaningful difference in the world. We run outreach activities with local primary schools which include a partnership with Oakley School, a cross-curricular language day, sports events and an entrepreneurial workshop lead by Sixth Form Business Studies students.

We provide opportunities for students to collaborate with global communities as we believe that our students should truly be global citizens. By connecting with peers from around the world and participating in global initiatives, students learn the importance of collaboration, solidarity, and collective action in addressing shared challenges and creating positive change.

The pupils’ contribution to others, the school and the community is excellent.

Pupils are proud to do all the good they can.

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West Kent ISSP

We are a founding member of the West Kent Independent State School Partnership, established with aim of sharing resources and facilities, and providing aspirational learning opportunities for local students.

An annual programme of lectures and masterclasses run each year for student from all schools, and in September 2023 a group of Year 10 students began a 2-year GCSE in Astronomy. 25 pupils from Kent College, The Judd School and The Skinners’ School are participating in collaborative online lessons delivered by teachers across the three schools with practical work carried out in person outside of school hours.

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