Forest Explorers Nursery

The last year of various lockdowns and restrictions have brought into sharp focus the importance of spending time outside, and studies have shown that children who are surrounded by and regularly exposed to nature have improved concentration skills and play more imaginatively. They can lose themselves in make believe and conversation, make up stories and develop language skills, all crucial to communication and later on, writing.

Being outdoors is very much an essential part the offer at Kent College Prep School’s Forest Explorers Nursery, where children can spend time on forest activities in the beautiful woodland area and also enjoy the adventure play equipment in the playground. Outdoors, children have the opportunity to question, think creatively and step out of the comfort of the classroom. They learn how to manage risk as they move in unpredictable and challenging spaces, developing skills which will prepare them for life - negotiation, resilience and independence.

Making the most of the 75 acre rural estate it is located in, Forest Explorers Nursery provides a rich and inspiring experience with a blend of indoor and outdoor learning. Rooted in the Early Years Foundation curriculum learning is enhanced through an abundance of space, resources and superb facilities, as well as an orchard, vegetable garden, mud kitchen and plenty of places for exploring and building dens.

Forest Explorers Nursery is run by highly qualified, staff who support the children in every aspect of their development, and they have specialist teachers for French, Music, Drama and PE.

Children can join Forest Explorers Nursery from the term of their third birthday and most will progress into Reception at Kent College Prep School. As an integral part of the Prep School, children in Forest Explorers Nursery have a smooth transition into Reception with friends already made and the school a familiar place to be.

Forest Explorers Nursery offers 50 weeks a year provision, alongside term time provision, and parents have the opportunity to make use of the full 38 weeks of Early Years funding if they choose. In addition the wrap around care from 7.30am to 7.30pm ensures that the most challenging of schedules can be catered for.

Forest Explorers Nursery welcomes girls and boys. Boys are now able to join Reception Class in Kent College Prep School from September 2021 and each successive year group until the school is fully co-educational by 2027.

To find out more about Forest Explorers Nursery and Kent College Prep School please email or call 01892 820218.