Our Approach

At Kent College Prep we understand how to help each child grow and develop as an individual, be adventurous and develop skills for life.

We encourage excellent academic achievement through a personalised approach to learning that caters to every pupil's needs and interests.

Our curriculum aims to encourage curiosity in our learners and the confidence to question, whether inside or outside the classroom. Children are encouraged not to be afraid to get things wrong but to persevere which is an essential part of the learning journey.

Specialist Teaching

The curriculum is broad and varied with specialist teaching in Music, French, Drama, PE and Mandarin (in Year 6).

Learning includes weekly Computing lessons that enable children to gain practical skills for the digital world, including how to stay safe online and coding which complements and supports learning in all areas of the curriculum.

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Key Stage 1

Year 5

Global Citizens and PHSE

Global Citizenship lessons have been recently added to the curriculum which will ensure that all Kent College prep pupils are equipped and prepared with the knowledge and understanding to make impactful decision in the future. They learn to empathise with others and understand themselves better; they learn to value their world and think about what they can do to make a positive impact in it.

Personal Social and Health Education (PHSE) helps children to deal with the critical issues they face every day such as friendships, emotional wellbeing and change.