Pastoral care at Kent College is much more than a reflective and nurturing environment. Our pastoral care is a model for the human kindness KC pupils take on into the world.

‘Do all the good you can’ – the opening of a prayer by our Methodist founder John Wesley – resonates deeply with us. Kent College pupils experience community strength, non-judgmental understanding, support structures and respect. They carry these values with them into the future.

Global Citizens

Our aim is to maximise the academic achievement of all pupils whilst equipping them to make a purposeful contribution as global citizens. This happens through lessons and extra-curricular activities with a global focus. We make links with global organisations and charities, and are proud to be Global School Alliance member.

Force for Good

Pupils are encouraged to speak up, share their views and have a role in the changes happening in school. The Student Council, for pupils in the Prep and Senior School, allows them to be consulted and influence changes they would like to see.

When they leave Kent College, students become a force for good - emotionally literate, intellectually curious and compassionate individuals.

Our approach


An emphasis on physical and emotional wellbeing is crucial. We promote emotional literacy and develop empathy skills. Through activities which focus on self-understanding, pupils learn to develop healthy coping strategies.


We celebrate difference and put kindness at the heart of our approach. Our pupils look out for each other and speak out confidently about unkind or inappropriate behaviour.


Pupils develop confidence, learn to value themselves and understand the benefits of being connected to something greater than oneself. At whatever point they leave, they do so ready and prepared for the next steps of life beyond Kent College.