Our Approach

KC offers a wide and exciting academic education, and our extensive curriculum aims to develop a thirst for learning and encourage students to think independently. A bespoke approach ensures KC pupils achieve their best results.

Academic Enrichment

Our Able Interested and Motivated Student (AIMS) programme is designed to build a pupil's passion for learning. Pupils are given the opportunity to access intellectually stimulating and exciting activities which encourage them to explore areas of interest outside the curriculum.

The High Aspirational Learning Opportunities (HALO) lectures encourage students to be curious, critical and deep thinkers. The speakers explore a variety of cultural, scientific and political themes which take the pupils’ thinking beyond the limits of the curriculum.

Supported Learning

A programme of support has been designed for pupils with additional learning requirements. Alongside practical assistance, this programme encourages self-belief and independence.

Highly focused skill development is delivered within the timetable and pupils work closely with key staff including specialist SEND teachers to refine their skills, learn new strategies and embed their learning toolkit.

GC Index School

Kent College has just become a GC Index (aka Game Changing Index) Partner and is one of the first GC Index schools in the UK. Our Head, Miss Handford and Head of Careers, Mrs Hutchins are both accredited GCologists.

The GC Index is a people assessment tool that will help pupils discover and understand their own unique contribution and impact, whilst teachers will be able use the GC Index data to ensure that each student is engaged by tailoring their lessons to the students’ natural proclivities.

GC Index

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded in Years 7, 9 and Sixth Form to candidates who excel in the entrance test and scholar interview. Our academic scholars will demonstrate a passion for learning, an ability to think creatively and a curiosity to find out more. They will have a willingness to persevere, the rigour to achieve excellence and the desire to embrace new opportunities.

For more information about scholarships, please click here.