Our Approach

At Kent College we strongly believe that each pupil has a unique approach to learning. We know our pupils well, and can tailor bespoke programmes which suit every individual, allowing them to achieve the best possible results.

For students who respond best to an academic environment which challenges their thinking, we provide a variety of extension activities in the classroom and encourage them to achieve at the highest possible level. Our Able Interested and Motivated Student (AIMS) programme offers further opportunities for extending their thinking and stimulating intellectual curiosity beyond the curriculum.

There is a bespoke programme of support available for those with additional learning requirements. For students whose first language is not English we run a pathway programme through our International Study Centre to help with spoken and written English.

Academic Enrichment

Our Able Interested and Motivated Student (AIMS) programme is designed to build a pupil's passion for learning. We have a dedicated Head of AIMS who ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to access intellectually stimulating and exciting activities which encourage them to explore areas of interest outside the curriculum. These might include extra-curricular opportunities such as Philosophy through Storytelling for Years 7 and 8, or a critical thinking discussion group for Sixth Form pupils.

The HALO (High Aspirational Learning Opportunities) lecture series encourages students to be curious, critical and deep thinkers. The speakers explore a variety of cultural, scientific and political themes which will take the pupils’ thinking beyond the limits of the curriculum.

Supported Learning

Supported Learning is a programme of study to ensure all pupils with learning difficulties are able to access the Kent College curriculum. Alongside practical assistance, this programme uniquely encourages self-belief and independence.

A package of highly focused skill development is delivered in a structured programme within the timetable. Students work closely with a set of key staff including specialist SEND teachers and subject teachers to refine their skills, learn new strategies and embed their learning toolkit.

Breadth of Subjects

KC offers an extremely wide and exciting academic education, and our extensive curriculum aims to develop a thirst for learning and encourage students to think independently. In addition to the core lessons, we offer a wide range of subjects, including Textiles, Drama, Photography, Spanish and German.

At GCSE and A Level, each student has a bespoke timetable designed around their choice of subjects, where they can choose any combination of option subjects, however unusual, to study alongside their core subjects. Classical Greek and Further Maths GCSE are offered as additional subjects taught off timetable.