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Kent College Swimming Academy


Click here to download a copy of the Activities Brochure

The Kent College Swimming Academy runs throughout the year at the Kent College 20m indoor swimming pool.  Heated changing facilities are also available and there is a children's pool. Classes are available for all abilities including non-swimmers, beginners, improvers and advanced improvers.


Sarah Knight      - Swim Coordinator and Instructor

Sarah Bridgeman -  Teaches on Monday, Saturdays and Sundays

Alice Mann - Teaches on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Emma Slaughter  - Teaches on Mondays and Saturdays

Sue McDowell  - Teaches on Tuesdays and Fridays

Simon Killick  - Teaches on Tuesdays and Fridays

Fraser Corbett  - Teaches on Sundays

Gemma Stewart - Lifeguards on a Sunday

Summer Term Dates

Start                                                     No Swimming                                                                             End                                     

Saturday:  27TH April                            Saturday: 22nd/29th June                                     Saturday: 6th July ( 9 weeks )                                   

Sunday   :  28th April                             Sunday   : 2nd June                                           Sunday  :  7th July (10 weeks )                        

Monday  :  29th April                             Monday : 6th/27th May                                         Monday : 8th July ( 9 weeks )          

Tuesday  :  23rd April                              Tuesday : 28th May                                             Tuesday : 2nd July ( 10 weeks )         

Friday      : 26th April                                Friday    : 31st May                                              Friday     : 5th July ( 10 weeks )      



For children aged 3 and 4 years. These classes are an introduction to the swimming environment. The children go in the learner pool with an instructor to help and will learn skills such as floating, submerging and travelling with aids. The lessons are fun and will involve an element of play.

Beginner 1

These classes are in the learner pool and are for children who are non-swimmers or paddling a little. The children will be taught three strokes and continue to build on their aquatic skills. They will be awarded Swim England stages 1 and 2 at this level.

Beginner 2

These classes take place in the shallow end of the main pool and are for children of any age who can swim between 5m and 20m. Children must be able to swim with their faces in the water on their fronts and travel unaided on their backs. These classes work purely on technique, correcting body position, leg and arm actions and breathing. The children will be awarded stages 2 and 3 at this level and usually a distance award up to 20m.

Improver 1

These lessons are for children who can swim 20m plus of front crawl and backstroke and have an understanding of breastroke. They must also be happy swimming in deep water as the lessons take place in the deep end. The children continue to improve their technique and increase their distance, we also start to introduce skills such as diving and sculling. The children will be awarded stages 3 and 4 and work on distances up to 100m.

Improver 2

These classes are for children who can swim 100m plus and have a sound knowledge of their strokes. The lessons are run down the length of the pool so the children are swimming approx. 30m per drill. We work on stages 4, 5 and 6 and distances up to 400m. We also introduce starts and turns .

Improver 3

These classes have the use of the whole pool and will learn lane discipline. They will be expected to use their knowledge of starts and turns and will be introduced to following session plans. They will work on stages 6 and 7 and may swim up to 800m. In addition we start to work towards the Bronze , Silver , Gold and Honours Challenge awards


These lessons are 45 mins long and although we still improve strokes the children follow more session plans and may also work on stamina and speed sets. These classes work on stages 8, 9 and 10 and may also work towards the Challenge Awards.

Adult Lessons

We run adult lessons for all abilities from non-swimmers to athletes wanting to improve technique and stamina.


If you would like to book classes please complete the attached booking form




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