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Maths Challenge


Competition time.

Year 8 have been learning how to approach ratio and fraction problems using the Bar Model, an approach popularised in Singapore. It is a logical pictorial representation of a problem, making it easier to understand.

On page 9 of last term's Pulse News you may have noticed an invitation to try and solve a problem our Year 8s have been working on using the Bar Method.

Bob has 4 pieces of ribbon of different colours and lengths. The blue ribbon is half the length of the red ribbon and the green ribbon is three times as long as the blue. The purple ribbon is as long as the green and red combined. If the total length of the ribbon is 132, how long is the purple ribbon?

If you think you know the answer, please send your solution to Mrs Smith, Head of Maths: Answer will be in the next newsletter. The closing date has been extended to 19th January.

A winner will be drawn from random to win a prize!

Posted: 09/01/2018 at 09:04
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