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Why KC?


Kent College pupils in Years 7 -10 were tasked with a creative writing project about why they chose Kent College as their school.  Below are some examples which convey the happy and special atmosphere that we enjoy here at KC.  We hope you enjoy them. 

"...Because the individual sounds from the music block come together in one harmony. Because the sparrows hop merrily on the windows. Because the mud, cream and white sheep bleat relentlessly in the vast fields of green dotted with oaks and sycamores. Because the girls run to Costa with their money jangling in their blazer pockets. Because the girls are left beaming after their exams in the prospect of the fun filled ‘after exam’ trips. Because the determined students haul themselves up the colossal and brightly coloured indoor climbing wall. Because the girls rehearse at break in the massive theatre before other classes pile in for their lessons. Because the pupils quietly walk into the beautiful medieval church. Because the girls pour over the long list of clubs, wondering how they will fit them all in. Because the new girls are welcomed warmly as they marvel at the 75 acre grounds. Because the girls splash about in the indoor swimming pool. Because a small group will race each other to the swings before a handful of other girls join them." Lauren

"...Because Kent College offers amazing experiences for girls to learn and achieve throughout the school. Because of the exciting, once in a lifetime trips available every year to the girls and staff. Because of the incredible grounds surrounding the school, creating a picturesque scene in the fields. Because of the long lasting friendships made between the girls. Because of the encouraging staff, helping pupils to learn all through their time at Kent College. Because of the fantastic clubs on offer. Because of the brilliant work our school does with charities across the world, including setting up a school in Nepal. Because the luxurious uniform is smart and comfortable. Because of the boarding experiences for girls from years 5 to 13, Because the drama, music and art departments all help to put on west-end standard performances." 

"...Because of the laughing, smiling people who make it an enjoyable experience to be at KC every day. Because of the vast countryside that surrounds this school. Because its like going to school in a beautiful park. Because of the enjoyable outings and events. Because of the lush green orchards that you see all around you. Because of the entertaining opportunities. Because of the fruit farms on the top of the hill that make sweet juicy strawberries. Because this school lets everyone be themselves and supports them in all their own opinions." Rachel

"...Because on your first day there is a sea of navy waiting to embrace you into the buzzing community. Because at break time the school is alight with chatter. Because the lessons never seem to drag on as they are interesting, engaging and involving. Because the staff care for their pupils and provide the support to reach their absolute best. Because you’re thankful its lunchtime as the mouth-watering smell wafts from the dining hall. Because you know there is a favourite person who can instantly tell you how feel whether it’s a teacher or a friend. Because you grow to love those lessons that you used to hate at your old school as the teachers will always find a way. Because when everyone realises its Friday we have a mini party in our form rooms. Because sometimes you wish you lived in the boarding house. Because sister always has the right medicine. Because in year 7 you practically get a sunny slip for breathing. Because everything at KC affects the way you see and do things, giving you a well-rounded perspective when you leave."  Saskia 

"...Because the woolly white cat bathes on the shiny car bonnets. Because the race for fish and chips for Friday lunch keeps you on your toes. Because the vast variety of meal choices makes every day feel unique. Because the green grass is flooded in pure white daisies. Because the variety of extra-curricular clubs in never ending. Because our netball team has massively improved with the help of our new coach who also coaches the England team. Because throughout our rounders season we remain undefeated. Because our Guinness World Record was in the news. Because the enthusiastic teachers don’t stop smiling. Because their encouragement makes our lessons enjoyable. Because trips to France give you freedom to explore. Because canoeing in the hail can be amusing if you make the most of it. Because our Deputy Head bravely chased some roaming wild boar out from the school grounds. Because school trips with boys gives you the chance to widen your social group. Because venturing on an exchange to Sydney in Australia with a friend will change your perspective of life." Annabel

"...Because the warm laughter of both teachers and students alike echoes down the halls. Because the ancient walls of the boarding house are rich with history and promise. Because the continuity of the school proves the success of every girl that has been privileged enough to attend. Because whether it is art, music or maths, every student strives and excels in their own way. Because the positive and ever friendly attitude for one another is a perfect example of the spirit cherished at KC. Because regardless of their culture or background, every girl is accepted and welcomed into the close community with open hearts. Because the teachers are appreciated for their guidance and help in transforming the girls into independent women. Because with each passing day, caring, loving and life-long friendships are developed. Because the archaic church is a token of the past, with its beautifully adorned interior. Because the supporting cheers from the spirited students, despite their teams, are enough to energise you when you need it most. Because the most important days are the ones given for everyone to be congratulated and recognised for their hard work and achievements. Because every girl and teacher makes a difference and is always acknowledged for their contributions both big and small. Because when someone is in need of help or advice, they will always know where to turn to and who to speak to." Nia

"...Because of the fleecy fields nestled in a hollow of the Kent countryside. Because of the warmth of the sun-lit classrooms and the liveliness of the streaming corridors. Because of the abundance of laughter, the spring in each step. Because of the close-knit community of the boarders, the chattering long into the night. Because of the dew sprinkled hockey fields, the liveliness of the game and the participating girls. Because of the tears shed when the time approaches to part with friends and the stillness of the school until the leaves turn crimson when September arrives." Eliska 

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