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Grow at Kent College Senior School

Grow at Kent College Senior School


Pastoral care is one of Kent College's priorities as we firmly believe that if a girl is happy and confident socially, she will do well in her academic studies.

All girls joining Kent College in Year 7 are invited in to meet their new classmates late in the summer term of Year 6 so that they are able to begin the process of getting to know each other through an afternoon of games and activities. In early September, we have an induction course for all Year 7 students, which enables them to make firm friends and begin to find their way around the school site.

Each girl is under the care of a form tutor who, along with her housemistress in the case of a boarder, would be the first port of call for any parents with a query or concern. Form tutors monitor each girl's progress academically and are on hand to offer advice and guidance on a range of issues including organisation, friendships and option choices at GCSE and A level.

Posted: 05/12/2013 at 04:50

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