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Fit For Life


Last week we hosted our first Sport and Wellbeing Exhibition which, back in October, started out life as a small event to launch our new PE kit.  It became a huge event, with over 700 people attending, including 50 exhibitors and 25 speakers.  Pupils from across Kent came along to take part in demonstrations and listen to a variety of lectures. Ben Smith, our keynote speaker, spoke about running 401 marathons in 401 days and left us all inspired to follow our dreams, whatever they may be. 

My Director of Sport and Wellbeing often talks about how PE should encourage and motivate young people to participate in physical activities that can be continued into adult life. I agree with this.  When a curriculum focuses only on competitive and elite sports, it will not appeal to those pupils who want to enjoy and benefit from participating without the need for an end result.  In my teaching career, I’ve come across many pupils who are interested in health and fitness, but the fear of failure and self-consciousness when exercising stop them from participating.  At Kent College we have tried to give our girls a varied choice of activities that will help them to develop healthy minds and healthy lifestyles.

Developing role models for pupils is key. Recent coverage of the Commonwealth Games included inspirational interviews with young athletes telling their stories of how they started out from humble beginnings.  At our Exhibition, there was a plethora of inspiring role models, including speakers from TeamGB, as well as mental health campaigners, nutritionists, fitness advisers and wellness and performance coaches.  The health and wellbeing of our children should be our top priority; nothing else is more important.  If we get that right, academic achievement and personal development will naturally follow. 

Posted: 02/05/2018 at 10:38
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