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Business Studies


Course Content 

Today's ever changing global business world presents fascinating opportunities for learning.The Edexcel AS and A2 level Business Studies course is built around a core unit with an entrepreneurial theme at Advanced Subsidiary level (AS) and a Global Perspective at Advanced level (A2).The main focus of this course is discovering a range of global business situations and being able to apply the new concepts and ideas learnt in class to these situations. 

Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Business & Communication Studies:

• Unit 1: Developing New Business Ideas

• Unit 2a: Managing the Business

• Unit 3: International Business

• Unit 4a: Making Business DecisionsKey Features

• The qualification is built around a core Enterprise unit to enable students to think of a new business idea and how they might research and develop it. Students will think about how their learning applies to their own business idea.

• The qualification will introduce students to international business, equipping them either to work in or to manage a business in an international context.

• A variety of assessment techniques will be used including: supported multiple choice questions, data response questions, case studies and a decision-making report.Students are encouraged to take part in the Young Enterprise scheme through which they will create and manage their own business, gaining valuable practical experience, working in teams with students from other local schools.

Career Opportunities

In today's society most careers require an understanding of the principles of business; therefore this course will prepare students whatever their career choice. There are numerous University degrees related to business studies, often combining them with other subjects. This course and subsequent study could lead to a vast array of career choice, including business management, marketing, advertising, media, financial management, accounting, business law, human resource management, banking, retailing and many others. Following University, many International businesses offer graduate training schemes which provide an excellent start to a business career.

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