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Encouraging the arts is vital


Ms Lodrick answers: Why is encouraging the arts so important to Kent College, and what do you offer students in the way of lessons and activities relating to the arts?

This generation of young people will have to deal with an increasingly complex world and what is more, the jobs that we enjoy will not necessarily either exist or be open to this generation of pupils - the workplace is going to look very different for them. Exam grades will still play a significant role but it will not be enough; they will need to be creative, critical and socially skilled. Employers will be interested in applicants’ characteristics, skills and personalities. Those with a creative background will stand a greater chance of a successful career; it will open more doors than it is ever going to close.

Having trained as a singer and pianist myself and performed a great deal, I know that in my current role as Headmistress, how much all that training helps me on a daily basis. Not only has it given me the confidence to stand up and present to an audience, I know the effort it takes to reach a certain standard.   When exposed to a range of artistic disciplines, pupils are able to find an outlet to express themselves and develop the skills that will set them apart.

At Kent College, we have worked hard to ensure that the arts subject have retained their place in the curriculum. For example, on arrival in the senior school, Year 7 girls have a weekly dance lesson, along with drama, music, art and textiles, all of which are on offer as extra-curricular activities. Time is given to providing as many opportunities as possible for the girls to perform and exhibit their work. The arts are also there to challenge our thinking and this year, senior girls took hold of ‘Ghetto’, Sobol’s challenging play about the holocaust, and captured the very essence of war-time atrocities with a maturity beyond their years. A broad and balanced curriculum that includes the arts is always going to allow a child to be a more successful and confident version of themselves.

Posted: 06/09/2017 at 16:17
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