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Career Pathways


At Kent College we design a bespoke careers pathway for every pupil in the school. 

Every decision made by our girls is an individual one and our team work closely with the girls, her academic, pastoral and co-curricular teachers and tutors together with her support network at home and in the boarding house to ensure that decisions are the best they possibly can be.  The KC Career Pathways programme aims to widen, deepen and challenge understanding of every possibility so that all KC pupils and their parents from the Nursery through to the Sixth Form make positive and well-informed choices as they progress through school and beyond. 

The Career Pathways department is a holistic one. It is now recognised that over 30% of our current pupils will become engaged in a career that does not even exist yet. With the world becoming ever smaller, it is our responsibility to ensure that every pupil is equipped with the necessary skills and resources to make their chosen pathway an exceptional one. Therefore, each pupil from Nursery to the Upper Sixth will soon be developing their own pathway portfolio which records all of their achievements – personal, academic, sporting etc. together with a record of work experience, community service, travel, and employment so that we are able to convey the uniqueness of each of our pupils.
We expect all pupils to take advantage of every opportunity on offer to them whilst they are at KC. This includes challenging their own ideas and ensuring that their pathway reflects their potential and ambitions. We encourage input from home and suggestions on how this provision can be tailored to support the needs of your daughter.

Career Pathway Initiatives

Community enrichment events

The Career Pathway enrichment events for the KC community are open to all members of our community (no age restriction applies)! The events will cover a wide array of topics intended to enrich our minds. Please keep your eye out for the termly programme and add the dates to your calendar. We would like the programme to be designed on suggestions from the community so please contact Mrs Tendai Karalius if you would like to speak at an event, or if you have any ideas of topics.

Pathway Portfolios

We will be rolling out the pathway portfolios over the next academic year, giving the girls the opportunity to create a record of their diverse achievement and experiences. These will provide girls with positive guidance and prompts as they progress through the school and beyond.

Work Experience

It is universally recognised that work experience is essential in making decisions about pathways and is highly valued by all universities and employers. Therefore, we are formally introducing Work Experience into Year 11 so that the girls have a useful and productive end to the academic year. If you are able to offer placements to KC pupils, please fill in our online form.


Added: 31.05.2018   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  What's New  Career Pathways
Making your passion a profession Tuesday 5th June, 4.45pm to 6.00pm
Added: 04.10.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  What's New  Career Pathways
Join us on Tuesday 10th October at 4.30pm for a talk in the Theatre with SJ Watson.
Added: 06.09.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New  Career Pathways
Why is encouraging the arts so important to Kent College, and what do you offer students in the way of lessons and activities relating to the arts?
Added: 24.03.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  What's New  Career Pathways
Join us on Wednesday 29th March for our next Career Pathways Lecture on Law: The Insider's View
Added: 27.01.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  What's New  Boarding Life  Career Pathways
Join us for this term's series of enriching, thought provoking lectures! Open to all current and prospective Prep and Senior School families.
Added: 25.10.2016   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Career Pathways
The first event will be focused on Studying Abroad, an increasingly popular option for our KC global citizens, which deserves long-term planning.
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