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Career Mentoring

We regularly hear from parents, old girls and friends of Kent College who express a desire to become involved in helping our girls by giving careers advice, offering work experience and speaking at our KC community Career Pathways events. We are therefore extending our database and launching the KC Career Pathways Mentoring Scheme to bring together these offers of knowledge, time and expertise.

Work Experience

It is universally recognised that work experience is essential in making decisions about pathways and is highly valued by all universities and employers. A 2015 survey reported that leading employers value work experience among graduates more than the grades or the university they have been to. Figures showed that 58 per cent of employers rated work experience as "the most popular qualification among those presented." Universities in the UK and across the world, are increasingly making offers based on, ‘the whole package.’

The best way to gain employability is through work experience, which for Kent College girls starts at the end of Year 11, when after their GCSEs a compulsory week’s placement is arranged for each pupil with the school’s involvement. Other placements are also arranged for the Sixth Formers in the holidays, and we continue to help them as they progress beyond the school.

The best placements come through old girls, parents and friends of the school. We would like to continue to build this database and would be delighted to have as many interesting and diverse opportunities as possible. For some professions, work experience is essential but is beneficial to all. All placements are valuable and a critical bonus is that our girls can write and talk about their work experience as part of all future applications.

KC Community Career Pathways Evenings

The Career Pathway enrichment events for the KC community are open to all members of our community (no age restriction applies)! The events will cover a wide array of topics intended to enrich our minds and are already proving to have a great impact in terms of enlightenment and motivation. We would be delighted to hear from those of you who would be interested in sharing your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for your area of work.

Career Mentoring

In certain cases a one-to-one relationship is beneficial to girls who are seeking to progress to a particular field of work. On an individual basis we would like to be able to put girls in touch with members of our community who are willing to give advice and guidance in their particular field, and make suggestions regarding the best way to advance in a career in their field.

How to get involved

If you feel you are able to take part in this scheme on any level, we would be very grateful if you could complete our online form above.
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