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Modern Foreign Languages


Modern Foreign Languages 

In the increasingly global environment in which we live, the ability to communicate with people in other parts of the world is a valuable skill especially in the world of work. The study of modern languages is also vital in order to feel part of Europe in the 21st Century.
The department is very successful and aims to provide enjoyment, to broaden the girls' education, to foster independence of learning and develop a better understanding of the wider world. In recent years, A level students have gone on to study Languages at Cambridge, Bath, Sheffield and Royal Holloway, London.
We begin the academic year with the celebration of the 'European Day of Languages in September' and throughout the year, students are offered many opportunities to practise and develop their language skills. Visiting French and Spanish theatre groups attend annually to perform material specifically aimed at KS3 pupils, when they get the opportunity to interact with and be entertained by native speakers.
The department is very fortunate to have language assistants for all three languages. They bring an extra dimension to the department as well as giving oral lessons for the older girls, they run lunchtime clubs. These clubs offer pupils the chance to extend their experience beyond the classroom and activities include quizzes, scripting and performance short sketches, language games and competitions.
Each year, the department appoints one or more Language Prefects. These are members of Year 13 who are studying languages for A level and have shown a particular enthusiasm and talent for languages. They help out in the department in general as well as producing a termly language magazine with some of the younger girls.

AS/A2 level Modern Languages

Kent College offers AS/A2 courses in French, German and Spanish.
An advanced study of modern languages can be an advantage, whatever your ambitions. Increasing numbers of businesses and professions are looking for employees who can offer a foreign language in addition to their specialist skills. Future engineers, lawyers and accountants, as well as those wishing to work abroad or within the Civil Service, should consider continuing to study a language to AS level in the Lower Sixth.
For each modern language course, topic areas include:
AS Level (Year 1)
  • Media
  • Popular Culture
  • Healthy Living
  • Family relationships
A2 Level (Year 2)
  • The Environment
  • Multicultural Society
  • Contemporary Social Issues
  • In-depth study of a novel and a film
Each AS/A2 level course will assess the following key areas:
  • Listening & Writing
  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking

AS/A2 level French

At A level, students are encouraged to speak French at all times during lessons. The emphasis is on current affairs with topical issues events discussed each week. The course aims to educate students about the French culture whilst teaching the French language.
Authentic texts are used to develop reading and listening skills, and French DVDs and videos help to extend students' exposure of the French language.


Students are strongly encouraged to do work experience or attend a course in France in order to spend some time amongst native speakers and improve their spoken language. The department runs a successful French exchange with our partner school in St Jean de Luz in the Basque area of France where the girls have the opportunity to be fully immersed in a French family and way of life. A level students also visit the French Institute in London in order to work in a French environment while researching their AS and A2 oral topics as well as going to see French theatre performed in London. This year, we enjoyed Molière’s Le Malade Imaginaire.

AS/A2 level German

The aim of the course is to develop a high level of communication and comprehension skills, together with an awareness of various aspects of society in the countries where German is spoken.

In the Lower Sixth, pupils study specific topic areas using authentic materials, carefully selected to allow them to make the jump from GCSE German to more advanced levels of language. They also study an original German film in depth.

In the Upper Sixth, the study of topics continues but pupils also cover a piece of 20th century literature in the original language. In addition, they have the opportunity to research independently any topic of interest to them relating to a German speaking country.


Outside the classroom, the German Department aims to facilitate as many culturally enhancing trips a possible, for example to the British Museum or the British Film Institute for conferences on German film. Pupils are given the opportunity to travel to Germany; in the past, trips to Munich, Berlin and Schönau have been on offer.

AS/A2 Spanish

The aim of the course is to develop a high level of communication and comprehension skills, together with an awareness of various aspects of society in the countries where Spanish is spoken.
A course book and online material is used and knowledge of Spanish grammar is revised and extended. Students are encouraged to improve their reading and listening skills by gathering authentic material from the internet, satellite television and Spanish literature. Students are encouraged to watch Spanish DVDs in order to help extend their exposure to Spanish language and culture.
At AS level students will be able to discuss and understand authentic material so that their language study is advanced to a half-way point between GCSE and A2 level.
At A2 level the demand for accuracy increases and there is a greater emphasis on application and integration of knowledge, understanding and skills from across the whole syllabus.


Students are advised to attend a language course in Spain. There is also the possibility, from time to time, for students to attend films or conferences in London.
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