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Classical Civilisation


AS/A2 Classical Civilisation 

This varied course gives students an appreciation and understanding of the origins of western literature, drama, art, architecture and politics, whilst fostering analytical skills and an intellectual flexibility that is vital in the modern workplace.

The course is supported through trips to ancient sites, drama performances and seminars. Students need not have studied Classical Civilisation at GCSE. There are three modules; the first of which is epic poetry, where pupils study Homer’s Odyssey, the tale of how the Greek hero Odysseus encountered gods, witches, monsters and skulduggery in his attempt to return home from Troy and the Roman epic the Aeneid, in which, with poetic beauty, Virgil raises questions about the nature of love, war, destiny, duty and heroism, whilst giving us an insight into the political realities of his day. Pupils also study Greek theatre, looking at the both the comic and tragic traditions, as well as how the plays were staged and the theatres used. The final unit is Greek religion, where pupils will study the complex and intricate nature of the Greek belief system, looking at gods, priesthoods and festivals, as well as how religion touched open every aspect of life.

Higher Education and beyond

Classical Civilisation is a very stimulating course, which can be combined at either level with any other subject. Most importantly it will enrich your understanding of a wide range of disciplines, broadening your education and career options for the future. Students in the past have found their study of Classical Civilisation relevant to a wide range of subjects at university, including Law, History, Art, Classics, Theatre Studies, History of Art, English, Politics, Economics and Languages.

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