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Believe at Kent College Senior School

Believe at Kent College Senior School


Many girls find that the Sixth Form is one of the happiest and most fulfilling parts of their school life and at KC we certainly aim to make it so. By providing an excellent academic environment as well as many opportunities to develop personal skills and interests our aim is to produce happy students who fulfill their potential and go on to the university of their choice. The Sixth Form at KC is small enough to ensure strong pastoral care but large enough to provide a wide variety of curricular and extra curricular opportunities.

A-levels offer the chance to study chosen subjects in depth and are the passport to higher education. During the two-year course, students develop a more independent approach to learning and are required to read extensively.  They will develop a more pro-active learning style, improve their communication skills and learn to practise critical evaluation and analysis. Conferences, lectures and visits are used to enhance all subjects.

Most students study four subjects in the first year (AS level), and continue with three of these in the second year (A2 level). Public examinations are taken at the end of each year and success in these will give students a qualification of three A-level subjects and one subject at AS level.

Posted: 05/12/2013 at 05:21

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