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Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships and Exhibitions for entry in 2020

Kent College is proud to offer a range of Scholarship and Exhibition opportunities at Year 7, Year 9 and for Sixth Form.

Scholarships are awards, usually 10% of net day fees, made to pupils demonstrating a particularly high standard of achievement or potential regardless of financial need. They will normally be held for the duration of a girl’s time at Kent College, subject to satisfactory performance and commitment.

Exhibitions are awarded to scholarship applicants who show great potential but who are not quite yet at the level for scholarship. These girls will take part in the scholarship programmes but not receive a financial award.

Our scholars and exhibition-holders at Kent College are all allocated a dedicated staff supervisor with whom they meet regularly. Their supervisor not only writes a report about them but also helps them to balance the demands on their time, their expectations and those of their teachers and the wide range of commitments that many of our scholars have.

Personal targets are set and strategies considered to ensure that our scholars are best placed to ‘learn without limits’. All scholars are expected to contribute enthusiastically and regularly to the life of the school in their area and to be ambassadors of learning throughout their time at Kent College.

We are a non-profit-making organisation and all fee income is used to balance expenditure, therefore, these opportunities are limited and highly competitive. The downloads below outline the available options and the process. 


The deadline for applications is Wednesday 16th October 2019 and applying girls will automatically be registered to take our tests.

Year 7 Sport Scholarship - Monday 18th November 2019

Year 7 Drama Scholarship  - Tuesday 19th November 2019

Year 7 Art Scholarship - Wednesday 20th November 2019

Year 7 Dance Scholarship - Wednesday 20th November

Year 7  Music Scholarship - Wednesday 20th November 2019

Year 9 Art Scholarship - Wednesday 20th November 2019 

Year 9 Scholarship Day - Sport, Dance, Drama and Music - Wednesday 27th November 2019

Sixth Form Art Scholarship Day - Wednesday 20th November 2019 

Sixth Form Scholarship Day - Sport, Dance, Drama and Music - Thursday 28th November 2019


Please see the Fees section for further information on school fees and the range of discounts available.

Bursary support may be awarded in addition to scholarship to enhance fee reduction. Bursary funds are available if parents can demonstrate, through a means-testing procedure, that they would not otherwise be able to send their daugher to Kent College due to limited financial means. If you wish to make a bursary application, we ask you to contact the Bursary


Please take time to read the Overview document carefully. Then choose the relevant download to see detailed information and an application form for the appropriate point of entry to the school.


Overseas Applications for Scholarships

We can arrange for overseas pupils to sit academic scholarship papers in their own country. However, unless applicants are able to attend the school for assessment and interview we are unable to consider overseas applicants for sport, art, music and drama scholarships. For more information on overseas applications, please see International Admissions

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