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1. Admission Details

Admission Details
Details of parents
Present School
Background Information
Guardians for Overseas Applicants
English as Additional Language
Sixth Form for A Level Studies
Declaration & Comments

Please note that BEFORE submission of this form you will be required to confirm your registration fee payment method in Section 6 - Declaration & Comments (not applicable for parents with daughters currently attending Kent College Prep School). The registration fee is £100 for residents of the EU (£150 for non-EU) and may be paid by bank transfer (details supplied), credit card (by telephoning the bursary on +44(0)1892 820220) or cheque/bankers draft (by post to the Admissions Office)

Fields marked with * are mandatory
Start Date(Month/Year)* /
Point of entry*
e.g. Year 7(11+), Year 9(13+), Year 12(16+)
Duration* Permanent      Short Term      
Type of attendance*: Full Boarder       Weekly Boarder       Flexi-board       Day Girl
Pupil Name*
First Name
Last Name
Pupil Date Of Birth*  /   / 
Nationality* / Language* / Religion*
UK/EU Passport holder?
Yes No
If no, please indicate which country
Have you applied through an agency?
No Yes
If yes, please supply agency name
If yes, please supply agency email
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